The Amputee Issue
~November 2006

No Such Thing as Privacy
~September 2006

God vs. Man
~July 2006

No More Stories to Tell
~March 2006

~January 2006

We Are Who We Are, But Who Are We?
~November 2005

Do We Want a Place of Our Own?
~May 2005

Thank You, Mr. President
~January 2005

Global Exchange
~November 2004

The Road to Hell
~July 2004

Passion Two Ways
~March 2004

On Our Own
~January 2004

Guest Editorial from Ireland's
Gay Community News
~November 2003

Picture This
~September 2003

Summer Reading
~July 2003

On-screen Verities
~May 2003

One Great Theme
~March 2003

Call and Response
~January 2003

Get Out the Vote
~November 2002

Colin K. Donovan writes

An Open Letter to BENT
~September 2002

What's Funny About Identity Politics?
~July 2002

High Anxiety
~May 2002

Citizen Crip, Citizen Queer
~March 2002

Here's Looking at You
~January 2002

Pitching the Big Tent
~November 2001

Mysteries of the Gene Pool
~September 2001

Time to Get Growing
~July 2001

Deja Vu All Over Again . . . Again
~March 2001

What the Mirror Sees
~Jan 2001

Politics As Usual?
~Nov 2000

My Dinner with Noah
~Sept 2000

Are We Who We Think We Are?
~July 2000

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Collected sidebars
from BENT's home page
BENT Voices

First-Person Narrative,
Poetry, Fiction, Art


A Brother
Cain and Disable ~7/04

BENT Celebrates the Publication of "Queer Crips"
The Publication Party in Pictures ~1/04
A Reading at Modern Times Bookstore ~5/04

Bent/Disgaytalk FORUMS
Bisexuality ~9/00
Dating Games ~1/01
Dirty Words ~11/00
Getting it Up, Getting it Off ~9/01
Paying for It
You Can't Say That! ~7/02
When Etiquette Becomes Politics ~11/02
Who Thinks We're Sexy? Do We? ~1/03
Relationships: Negotiating Independence
with a Nondisabled Partner
Admireres, Pretenders, Wannabees, and Race ~3/04
Surviving the Accident ~11/05
A Good Man is Hard to Find ~9/05
Getting Help When You Need It ~1/05

Retirement Now ~3/06
Looking for That Man ~09/06

BENT Photo Features
Picture This ~1/04
A Dore Alley Gallery 9/06

A BENT Policy Statement
Who Gets to Advertise in DirectDiscourse? ~1/04

Raymond J. Aguilera
The Cafe Lady ~11/00
The Boy I Used to Be ~1/02
An Open Letter to the Conference Organizers ~7/02
Fuck the Disabled ~9/02
Review of South Park's "Krazy Kripples"
Acting Out ~5/03
Being Greg Walloch ~5/03
When the Halt Lead the Blind ~11/03
They Were My Friends
(A Tribute to Chris Hewitt: 1946-2004) ~9/04
Beefcake Busted ~1/05
Out with the Old ~5/06
Take the Flame ~7/07

Raymond J. Aguilera and Max Verga
Double Trouble ~1/03

Raymond J. Aguilera and Charlie Squires
Marriage Rites/Marriage Rights ~3/04

Tony Alberti
"Damaged Goods" (A BENT Interview), and "What I Know Now"

T. J. Boothroyd
Before it Mattered ~3/03
Police Report ~9/03
Some Lessons From the Past Year ~1/04
Bridges ~3/04

J. Quinn Brisben
A Wedding Celebration ~11/01

Russ Byrd
My All Around American Guy ~9/05

Jeff Cadwell
Getting There in One Piece ~5/06

Donald Cavanaugh
Religion, the Closet, and Being Yourself ~7/04

Eli Clare
Sex, Celebration, and Justice

Lynn Conner
Three Lives ~11/02

Larry Connolly
The Worst Husband in San Francisco ~9/04

Charles Coventry
Disabled Early, Gay Late ~11/04
Crips in the Swim

Arthur Diggs
A Letter from Washington, D.C. ~5/05

Bruce Douglas Cummings
Paris Green ~9/00

Colin K. Donovan
An Open Letter to BENT

Walt Dudley
Homo on the Range
Where Did They Go? For All the Boys I Loved Before ~9/01
"Wake-up Call" ~9/01

Robert Feinstein
Alone in the Crowd

Being Blind and Gay
Hearing is Believing ~3/01
Some Privacy, Please ~5/01
Lost Time ~3/02
Sighted People ~1/03
Farewell to Harley
Trust ~5/02
Sighted People: A Response ~9/03
When the Halt Lead the Blind ~11/03
More Thoughts on Independence ~3/04
God Did Not Strike Me Blind ~7/04
Home Alone ~11/05

Ed Gallagher
After a Suicide: Meditation
Johnny in the Spot ~5/00
[Remembering Ed Gallagher: 1957- 2005 ~7/05]

Douglas George
Becoming Daddy's Boy ~3/01

Carmelo Gonzalez
Rolling On (Excerpt) ~5/02

Bhakti Ananda Goswami
Battling the Materialistic Impersonalism of Sexism ~11/04

Bob Guter
A Review of "The Station Agent" ~1/04
"Tony Tries Not to Remember,"
one of
Four Prose & Performance Art Selections from
Performance Tonight ~7/02
Remembering Ed Gallagher: 1957- 2005 ~7/05

Fleshpots ~9/06
John Belluso: 1969-2006 ~3/06

R.C. Hampton
KINYESI, And a Whole Bunch of it, Too ~9/01
KINYESI: Part II ~11/01
A Letter from the Heartland ~11/01
Puppy-Whipped ~3/01
V.A. Blues ~5/01
Radio Ghosts
Road Trip ~3/02

Jake Brand Heldberg
Some Notes on My Own Disfigurement ~July 2006

Finn Hellman
Letter from Sweden ~3/03

Mark Hendrix
Story About Isobel ~3/02

Chris Hewitt
The Blaspheming Moon ~5/04
Mightier than the Mouth
Sticks and Stones ~11/00

Tenacity ~12/99
Moonlight Sonata: A Love Story ~7/04
"What Brains are For"

"Love's Foolishness," Newly Blind," "The Favorite Place," "The Lifting Team"
"My Feet" ~5/01
"Reincarnation," "Skimming" ~9/01
As a Good Father Should ~5/02
Still Breathing ~1/03
At the Beach, Venice, CA ~5/03
The Enticing Lane ~3/04
FIVE POEMS (A Tribute to Chris Hewitt: 1946-2004)

Frank Hughes
Take it or Leave it ~11/02
Backing Into Bliss ~9/03

Seamus Lester Hussey
The Professor of History: Episode 1 ~5/05
The Professor of History: Episode 2 ~7/05
The Professor of History: Episode 3 ~9/05

Angel Jaedeen
Changing Places ~7/02

Angel Jaedeen and Mohabee
Hiding in Plain Sight: The "Other" Disabilities ~1/03

Roman C. Justice
I Wouldn't Sleep with Me~3/03
Hope ~7/03
When Mom Gets Old ~9/06

John R. Killacky
Necessary Action ~7/01
Dreaming Awake ~9/03
When a Wheelchair Means Freedom ~1/04
Altered States ~5/04
Night Swimming ~1/05

Danny Kodmur
A Soul Clothed in Shining Armor ~5/00
How Much Does it Matter? Wrestling with the Metaphysics of Disability ~11/00
On Being (Un)Representative ~1/02
Testing My Faith in Romance ~3/02

No Need to Kick My Tires ~5/02
Balcony Scenes with a Twist ~7/02
Productive Confusion ~7/02
The Music and the Mirror ~9/02
The Music and the Mirror:II ~11/02
On Getting Stuck ~3/03
Life Under the Spotlight: Disability and Depression ~1/03
Of Cities and Closets: A Holiday Tale ~5/03
So How Old Are You, Anyway? ~7/03
Socializing and Sobriety ~9/03
Walking in L.A. ~11/03
Wedding Bell Blues ~3/04
Notes from a Fortress of Solitude ~7/04
Hermit Emerging Gradually ~7/05
Sound Bodies ~9/04
Fear, Fat, and Fabulousness ~5/05
Picture That:: On Seeing and Not Seeing Myself ~9/05
My Secret [Hetero] History ~1/06
Of John and Others ~3/06
Navigating the Maze ~5/06
The Book Tour ~11/06

Don Lawrence
(A Portfolio of Photographs) ~11/00
Queer Ducks: An Unlikely Romance ~1/02

Letter from Estonia ~5/04

Adrian Liau
The Look ~11l/04

Eleanor Thoe Lisney
In the Land of Beginning Again
On the Move Again ~1/04

Lone Some Krip
Hustlers: A Buyer's Guide ~1/01

Raymond Luczak
"Ear/Pane" (Two Chapters from Men With Their Hands)
Swans in an Ugly Duckling World ~7/02
Three Poems ~1/05

Samuel Lurie
Loving You Loving Me ~7/02

Ricki Manning
What Could be Sexier? ~1/06

Ian Marlow
"Maimed Beauty" Revisited ~11/03

Belinda Mason-Lovering
Intimate ENCOUNTERS ~3/01
(A Photo Essay Introduced by Bob Guter)

Glauco Mattoso
Four Sonnets ~11/04

Angie McLachlan
With Fondest Love from England (A Tribute to Chris Hewitt: 1946-2004) ~9/04

Thomas Metz
Love is All Around
Walking 'Round the Fence
Beefcake Busted ~1/05

Thomas Metz and Michael Perreault
Dancing Toward the Light
(A BENT Interview ) ~7/00

Thomas Metz et al.
Politics Not As Usual?

Terry Miles
Portrait of an Artist, Censored ~7/01

Mohabee and Angel Jaedeen
Hiding in Plain Sight: The "Other" Disabilities ~1/03

Dan Molloie
An Early Retirement

Mark Moody
"Home, Sick," "Ogon," Persistence, Memory," "Nominal Aphasia"
A Hardscrabble Miracle (A Tribute to Chris Hewitt: 1946-2004) ~9/04

Julio Moreno
Orgasms in Our Ears

Ryan O'Connell
Limping Out of the Closet ~9/06

David J. O'Connor Talks to BENT Editor Bob Guter
A Conversation About the Conference

Philip Patston
Two Poems ~11/04
The Great Leap ~7/05
Queering the Crip: Introduction ~11/05
Searching for the Ideal Man ~1/06
The Culture of Singularity ~3/06
Flippin' Out ~5/06
When Your Soul ~7/06
To Tell or Not to Tell ~9/06

Paul ------
An Admirer Talks Back ~5/04

Michael Perreault
Acting for Others, Acting for Myself
Marcus ~3/02
Marcus, Part II ~5/02
"Hidden Histories" Monolgue, one of Four Prose & Performance-Art Selections from:
Performance Tonight
Standard Issue ~11/02
Last Night in New York ~7/03
Random Hammer ~9/03
When the Halt Lead the Blind ~11/03
Ice Cream Float ~3/04
Remembering Chris
(A Tribute to Chris Hewitt: 1946-2004) ~9/04
Beefcake Busted ~1/05

Michael Perreault and Thomas Metz
Dancing Toward the Light:
(A BENT Interview) ~7/00

Michael Perreault and Blaine Waterman
Life on Wheels (A BENT Interview)~7/03

George Steven Powell
But I Don't Like You Like That ~12/99

Ronald Wilson Reagan: 1911-2004
No Friend to Queers or Crips: Two Views Against the Grain ~7/04

Larry Roberts
Going There: Some Thoughts on Longing ~3/03
Weighing In ~5/03
Avocados, Christopher Reeve, Eating in Public, and Me ~7/03
Stretching My Limits ~11/03
Sometimes Pain is Just Pain ~5/05
My Life with Depression ~5/06

Jett Rink
Fantasyplay ~12/99

Sozan Schellin
Night ~5/02
The Power of Light ~5/02

Tom Schneider
Art in Three Dimensions
(A Portfolio of Paintings) ~7/00

Mike Shumate
The Bare Facts
My First Orgy ~5/05

Steven Sickles
Learning to Look All Over Again

"Working it Out" and "I'm Ready for my Closeup" ~11/01
Five Finger Exercise (A Portfolio of Paintings) ~12/99
Reflections on a Poem by Chris Hewitt ~9/05

Jitka Sinecka
Peter's Story: Deafness, Gayness, and Identity ~11/05

Ralph Smith
The Walking Cure ~9/02
With Lots of Love and Gentle Thoughts

Santiago Solis
Unzipping the Monster Dick
Readers Respond to Unzipping ~5/06

Charlie Squires
Flying While Disabled ~1/03
Gay & Gray & Gimp ~9/03

Charlie Squires and Raymond J. Aguilera
Marriage Rites/Marriage Rights ~3/04

Patrick Strange
A Man ~1/01

The Taste of Power

John U.
A Letter From England: Unexpected Consequences ~1/02

Max Verga
Bear In Mind: The BENT Advice Column
Introduction ~11/00
Who's on Top
Creativity with a Cry by
Follow That Hairy Chest ~5/01
A Personal Matter of Pride ~7/01
Is there Sex After SCI? ~9/01
Who's The Terrorist Now? ~1/02
Coming on Time ~3/02
Is Kinky OK? ~9/02
Getting Out After Trauma ~11/02
Telling a Friend the Truth ~1/03
Bathhouse Blues ~5/03
A Dating Buffet ~1/04
Hard Bitten ~7/04
Endless Sex ~5/05
Escaping Homegrown Paternalism ~9/04
Hot Pants and Broken Heart ~5/05
Connecting Again ~3/06

Max Verga
Ground Zero: September 11, 2001
Gay & Gray & Gimp ~9/03
Does Familiarity Breed Contempt? ~11/03
New Orleans on My Mind ~9/05
Beefcake Busted ~1/05
Body Parts ~7/06

Max Verga and Raymond J. Aguilera
Double Trouble ~1/03

Randy Warren
Number Eight on My List ~1/06
When Out is In 3/06

David Wilder
"All of You," "Instructions" ~9/01

Blaine Waterman and Michael Perreault
Life on Wheels (A BENT Interview) ~7/03

James A Wren
"Giving My Books Away," "Roadside Romeo," I Do, Too, Remember!" ~7/01

Mike Young
A Poem and a Personal Note from Wales ~5/05



Culture Crash

Reviews & Commentary


A Crip at the Flicks: Bent Reviews Film & TV ~9/00

Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun by Kath Duncan ~5/00

Hot Pants? Bob Guter Reviews "Male Lust" ~7/00

Read These - Past BENT Book Reviews

Sing the Body Electric by Bob Guter ~11/00


Disabled Sexuality: Towards Rights and Recognition
by Tom Shakespeare ~7/00

How to Find Love With a Fetishist
Bob Guter Interviews Psychotherapist Alan Sable ~5/01

Facilitating Sex & Relationships by Dominic Davies ~5/00

A Meeting with George Dureau by Max Verga ~7/00

Quentin Crisp and Matthew Shepard by Bob Guter ~12/99

A Soul Clothed in Shining Armor by Danny Kodmur ~5/00

Strutting Our Stuff by Bob Guter ~12/99

Talking About Hate by Mark Sherry ~7/00

The Unsung Unhung by Max Verga ~5/00

Useless Eaters by Sandy O'Neill ~11/00


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