Resources for Disabled Travelers

by Jeff Cadwell


Jeff Cadwell's experience as a disabled traveler led him to compile the list of resources that follows. Today Jeff uses a walker, a wheelchair or a scooter, as travel circumstances dictate. His work as a Certified Maximum Life Coach ( inspires him to tell other disabled travelers, "Live life to its fullest! There's no reason to stay home. Of course you can travel!"


Since I started having mobility issues due to a diagnosis of MS in 2003, my most recent travel experience was also my first. In January, 2005 I went on a seven-day family reunion cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on Celebrity Cruise Lines.

If you have not been on a cruise before, you don't know what you are missing. No matter where you find yourself aboard ship, there's a crew member ready to help.

One thing I found essential was having a wheelchair delivered to my room before I arrived. Scooters were available, too, for a more sizable fee. I discovered that no matter what time of day it was, if a family member was pushing my wheelchair, someone from the crew insisted on taking over and pushing me wherever I needed to go. Talk about pampering!

To top off service like that, the food was fantastic, 90% of the male crew were beautiful, and port excursions accessible to disabled travelers were always duly noted.

An extra bonus for me was a handsome steward who catered to my every need, everything from providing additional pillows to making sure the beverage of my choice was in my stateroom every night before bed.

Honestly, I can't wait to go on a cruise again. I am thinking of the Greek Isles, Hawaii, or Alaska. Care to join me?


Assembled from a variety of sources, here are the disability travel links I've found useful.


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