by Chris Hewitt


Still Breathing

Our bodies like white marble
in the moonlight:
Yours massive, muscular,
(Michelangelo would have loved to sculpt you),
mine tiny, fragile;
We both think each other beautiful
and say so.
We have just made love,
that thing that men do sometimes
on a chance encounter
(maybe a date will follow, maybe not).
What matters is this moment.
We breathe in unison—
We will remember this day
as long as we live.
Now we will have memories
such memories.
What will we do with this life
given to us so unexpectedly?
What matters is this moment;
We are still breathing:
We are the lungs of the world.
We are the voice of the world.

© 2003 Chris Hewitt


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"Still Breathing" is the concluding poem in Chris Hewitt's new chapbook, "Love's Fool." Copies are available for $12, postpaid, from the publisher:
Lloyd Stensrud
690 Guerrero, #2
San Francisco, CA 94110

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BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices/January 2003