by Don Lawrence

Brown Butterfly


A cancer-induced colostomy, followed by a diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy meant a lot of changes in Don Lawrence's life.
One thing that's remained constant is his interest in art and photography.

Don believes that his photographs speak for themselves, but he agreed to furnish the following explanation of his artistic motives.


My photos fall into two categories: I use them to document my artwork (constructions and collages) and to record my surroundings.

Pansies and Poinsettia leaves (collage)


In either case the underlying purpose is to share them, and thereby garner the pat-on-the-head, chuck-under-the-chin, approval, verification and, finally, the support, that I need. Of course, it would be nice if it all came from within.

Squash and Pansies


I've been snapping shots for what seems like forever, investing more and more effort and money in better equipment, and developing lots of film in order to get a few good prints.

Firefly on Shrimp Plant


Since the cancer/colostomy that led to my disability retirement from the New York City Transit Authority and my escape to Paradise here in North Carolina, I've discovered gardening, a whole new subject for my photos.

Martin House


When introducing the photo below, I like to observe that photography and gardening, combined, with a warped sense of humor, have produced this new strain of an old favorite flower.



Photographs and text © 2000 Don Lawrence



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