By Raymond Luczak



Take my hand: I am yours,
Nasal voice, broken ears—all.
My fingers on your chest are trembling
Tentative as your sighs, a hymn in rhyme.
Our hot blood aches against us.
Look not away from my eyes, blessing
The air between us as a prayer.

Speaking, my hands unlock our leaping hearts.
Communion of mouths savor sweat, saliva,
not red—yet wine for us,
A miracle of holiness and mystery.

Rest not as we pursue our mutual heresy,
Your touch makes sin a sacred thing.
Please: listen not to what I preach.
My eyes and loins await your revelations.



for A.P.

Your thick legs, warm,
braid in and out of mine
as our hands treadle words. Our bed
is a loom, our bodies the warp and woof
in everchanging patterns,
kisses wrapping loose strands
like language weaving
inside our hands



from "Sylvia Plath Made Me Do It: A Story In Verse"

I've tried to ignore and hide it
but my neck looks a smear of shit.

They notice the brown splotch
and forget I have a crotch.

Their eyes rope me in like cattle
while they shrug, Not worth the battle.

I've tried wearing turtlenecks
but they turned out like train wrecks.

My neck is so short I look
cowered in the preppy collar look.

Worse yet, I'm wide as a beetle.
Their eyes make me wish I was fetal.

I want to rip this splotch off
and never hear again their coughs.

Beauty does not come in quantity.
Nevertheless to God I beg, Please.



Photograph by Phillip Ward 2001 by Raymond Luczak



Raymond Luczak is best known for EYES OF DESIRE: A DEAF GAY & LESBIAN READER, a double Lambda Literary Award-nominated anthology ( Alyson), and ST. MICHAEL'S FALL, a book of poems about growing up deaf and Catholic ( Deaf Life Press). His sixth book, SYLVIA PLATH MADE ME DO IT: A STORY IN VERSE, is due out from Immediate Sensation Books in the spring of 2005. Remaining copies of the out-of-print EYES OF DESIRE can be found at ,, together with more information about the author and his work.


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