BENT is a journal of cripgay voices
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There is properly no history,
only biography.






There can be no biography, either, unless there's a place for our voices to be heard.
Our in this case means handicapped and homosexual. Disabled and queer?


We need to speak up by the thousands in a thousand different ways. When we do we'll have biography by the score and we'll have written our history, too.


is the place where disability and queerness
meet head-on.

It's the only place where you'll read our lives,
not about our lives.

is without political agenda, political correctness, or political attitude. It's committed to bringing you one thing only: a mirror of your selves.

discriminates. It's by and for cripgay men.
Men who stand in solidarity with disabled women, but who believe that the "problem" of sex, as part of the problem of our larger selves, is too difficult a challenge to confuse with gender politics. At least right now—in a culture that insists on playing up differences
in order to divide us.

But discrimination does not
imply parochialism. Not every BENT feature will be written by a man who is disabled and gay.

Writers of different identities and allegiances—women, straight writers, non-disabled writers, transgendered crips—may have important things to say to us. When they do, you'll find that there's space for their ideas here.

is the biographical voice of cripgay men, but BENT also covers disability art and culture, gay and straight, to prove that our differentness and our need for inclusiveness can coexist.


aims to provoke, delight, amaze
& offend you.


Get ready



BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices